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Floating Plants (per portion)

Tropica Live Aquarium Plants / Substrates

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Tropica offers a wide range of aquarium plants with different difficulty levels and symbols. Find the right plants, aquarium and fish for your aquarium success @yourlocalfishstore Vancouver Canada.

The right plants Involves selecting plants, based on your aquarium conditions:

Easy Plants (GREEN) are simple plants with few requirements. They tolerate low light conditions (under 0.5 W/ litre aquarium water) and manage without added CO2. 

Medium plants (AMBER) require stronger light (between 0.5-1.0 W/litre water), as well as CO2 addition and fertilizer. 

Advanced plants (RED) require light intensity of minimum 1 W/litre water, extra fertilizer and CO2, as well as intensive care and plant cutting. 

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