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April's Aquarium is proud to be Your Local Fish Store. We are a family run business that strive to always bring the highest quality products, livestock and experience to this amazing hobby.

Darrin Stewart, the owner of Your Local Fish Store, leads a team focused on supporting enthusiasts in this hobby. His approach combines education with service, offering a comprehensive experience for our clientele.

This small locally owned business has one goal--to help freshwater aquarium hobbyists with anything they may need. 


April’s Aquarium, also known as Your Local Fish Store, is a freshwater tropical fish store located in Vancouver, BC.

Allow us to introduce the diligent team which contributes in making April's Aquarium a top-tiered destination for aquarium enthusiasts.

Leading our team is Darrin Stewart, the dedicated owner of April's Aquarium. Steering the helm with an unwavering passion for aquatics, Darrin intricately blends education, unparalleled service, and outstanding customer support, ensuring each customer enjoys every experience. A fellow hobbyist himself, he understands the needs of freshwater aquarium enthusiasts.


Authentically Local Hobbyists: The entire team at Your Local Fish Store comprises of enthusiastic hobbyists, adept in imparting their extensive knowledge. Our commitment is focused on supporting aquarium enthusiasts with any requirements, be it advice, troubleshooting, or the quest for the most suitable products and livestock - we've got you entirely covered.

Devoted and Nurturing Staff: All team members at Your Local Fish Store display immense passion for aquatic life. They genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of your fish and underwater flora. Their enthusiasm is not confined to business hours - they are hobbyists at heart.

Encouraging Environment: At Your Local Fish Store, we nurture a supportive, friendly community. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced aquarist, you’ll discover encouragement, camaraderie and a welcoming space to share your love for tropical fish.

Aquarium Co-op Connection: April's Aquarium is honored to partner with Aquarium Co-op, being the exclusive supplier of Aquarium Co-op products in Canada. This unique partnership ensures our customers across the country have access to top-tier supplies and equipment.

Remember, we're more than a team. We're fellow hobbyists passionate about seeing your aquarium flourish. So dive in, explore our wide selection of nano fish, plants, hardscape, and associated supplies, and enjoy the journey in this fascinating hobby! 🐠🌿🌊